Microbiological and Chemical Analysis of Food


IGruppo C.S.A. carries out microbiological and chemical testing of food using its own ACCREDIA- accredited laboratory. We provide this service to food & beverage companies, as well as businesses in the healthcare and food industries.

Our specialists carry out nutritional assessments, parasite testing, organic testing and food safety testing for export purposes.

Chemical Analysis of Food

The chemical analysis of food is an essential part of the food production process, from the selection of raw materials to the labelling of the finished product. Gruppo C.S.A. can carry out a chemical analysis of:

  • Plant-based foods (ready-made, fresh, preserved;
  • Meat and meat products ;
  • Cereal grains, legumes and their by-products (flour).

Our goal is to provide consumers with high-quality products that comply with food safety regulations.

Chemical Analysis of Feed

We also test animal feed, such as fodder and forage, in accordance with EC Regulations No. 1786/03 and 382/05.

We are keenly aware that the quality of animal feed plays a pivotal role in the food industry.

Microbiological Analysis of Food

Gruppo C.S.A. performs microbiological testing on foodstuffs to ensure they comply with the safety criteria set out in EC Regulation No 2073/2005. More specifically, we perform testing on:

  • Plant-based foods (ready-made, fresh, preserved);
  • Meat and meat products;
  • Cereal grains, legumes and their by-products (flour);
  • GMOs;
  • Allergens ;
  • Fodder and forage in accordance with EC Regulations No. 1786/03 and 382/05.

Microbiological analysis is key to identifying the following microorganisms:

  • pathogens (Salmonella, Listeria monocytogens, Costridium perfringens, etc.) in food, raw materials, intermediate goods and environmental swabs;
  • index parameters and indicator organisms (Total Microbial Count, Coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli, Coagulase-positive staphylococci, etc.).

We also carry out environmental swabbing of food preparation surfaces, equipment and utensils.

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