Environmental Physics

Gruppo C.S.A. identifies the risks arising from physical agents such as noise, vibration, and electromagnetic fields.

Environmental Noise Assessment

We carry out noise impact assessments and acoustic surveys of industrial sources, as well as road, rail, and construction projects, just to name a few.

Our qualified acousticians will:

  • Predict noise levels (VPCA)
  • Quantify the expected noise impact (VPIA)
  • Check compliance with passive noise control requirements (D.P.C.M. 5/12/97)

Vibration Assessment

Our qualified technicians have the expertise to carry out vibration assessments in respect of both human response and building damage.

We calculate and assess the vibration output your employees may be exposed to (see UNI 9614:2017) and monitor vibration levels to determine if they exceed the building damage threshold (see UNI 9916:2014).

Electromagnetic Fields Assessment

Our highly qualified operators assess exposure to high-intensity and low-intensity non-ionising radiation and electromagnetic fields to ensure compliance with the limit values set by the regional government and by the Ministerial Decree of 8 July 2003 to protect people’s health.

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