Chemical Analysis of Water

Gruppo C.S.A. S.p.A. offers water sampling and analysis on every kind of water system, including drinking water, surface and groundwater, wastewater, mineral water, swimming pool and SPA water.

Water intended for human consumption

The chemical and microbiological analysis is carried out in accordance with Drinking water standards and regulations.

Water intended for human consumption shall mean all water either in its original state or after treatment, intended for drinking, cooking, food preparation or other domestic purposes, regardless of its origin and whether it is supplied from a distribution network, from a tanker, or in bottles or containers.

Potable water must be clean, tasteless, odourless, colourless, and free from harmful contaminants and bacteria. Our engineers carry out sampling and testing of:

  • groundwater;
  • well water;
  • tap water;
  • swimming pool and spa water;
  • natural mineral water.

Surface Water

Our engineers conduct water sampling of rivers, ponds, streams, lakes, seawater, swamps, runoff water to determine:

  • flow rate;
  • stream velocity;
  • turbidity;
  • biotic indices;
  • studies on water column.

Then, they compare the chemical and microbiological data with the thresholds set out in the applicable regulations in force to determine the water quality class.

Natural mineral water

Natural mineral water originates from an underground water source and is fed by one or more natural or man-made sources. Mineral water is reputed to have many health benefits.

Our engineers conduct water sampling and analysis to ascertain whether natural mineral water is marketed in compliance with applicable regulations.

SPA Water

Our qualified engineers carry out SPA water sampling and analysis to verify its chemical and physical composition.
According to temperature, total dissolved solids and chemical composition, SPA waters are divided into the following categories: sulphate, sulphurous, sodium chloride, radioactive, bicarbonate and salt-bromine-iodine thermal waters.


We collect groundwater samples at varying depths and analyse them with the aim of:

  1. identifying any pollution risks;
  2. identifying any contamination of the aquifer
  3. analysing the upstream and downstream sections of the aquifer.

Once we have reviewed the data, we develop the most appropriate decontamination strategies.

Swimming Pool Water

We conduct water sampling and analysis to verify that the sanitary requirements for the construction, maintenance and servicing of swimming pools are met in accordance with the agreement between the Italian Government and the regional and local authorities, included in Official Journal No. 51 (dated 3 March 2003).

We also conduct the tests envisaged by UNI 10637:2006 to ensure the pool water is suitable for bathing purposes.

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