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Progetto RISE

PRRIITT: Programma Regionale per la Ricerca Industriale, l'Innovazione e il Trasferimento Tecnologico (misura 3.1, azione A, attività I.1.2)

RISE is a powerful and innovative incubation system to study the physico-chemical and biological environmental impacts under different conditions (natural and anthropic) developed in the framework of a research project co financed by ROP-ERDF 2007-2013.

Thanks to its versatility and handiness, RISE can support a sustainable development by studying the ecological and contamination aspects on the biotic and abiotic components in laboratory/in situ.

RISE allows carrying out tests on different environments under different conditions (temperature, pressure, time, light) in the same study area, and for the same experiment can be checked the reproducibility and reliability of the results.
Thanks to its gastight RISE can be useful for gases budget, especially for O2 and CO2.

The system allows a detailed study of the behaviour and the possible interactions within the environment of either a natural system or a new technology to be tested.

Average Anomaly of the Low Atmospheric and Surface Sea Temperature, as reported by IPCC in the last 150 years (Summary of Policymakers, 2007)

The detailed tests on new developed technologies allowed by this powerful and innovative tool will be essential for adequate and accurate eco efficiency analyses.
In details the system is able to quantify the product performance and its environmental benefits through the assessment of both direct and indirect impacts of the tested technology and the determination of polluting emissions.

The main fields where RISE can be useful are related to test new products addressed to acquatic systems (freshwater and salty water), to terrestrial enviroments (landfill, reclamation activities, etc..), but also for controlling the air parameters.


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