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Drinking water

Gruppo CSA SpA technicians perform samplings, chemical and microbiological analyses for public or private customers, on ground, well, aqueduct and mineral waters in order to determine their organoleptic properties, quality or drinkableness.

The analyses are carried out in compliance with the D. Lgs.31, 02/02/01 that contains the properties of drinking water.

Waste water

Samplings, chemical and microbiological analyses are performed on water coming from houses, factories, public purification plants and waste treatment plants and to be discharged into sewer or surface water.

The analyses are carried out to check that the samples are in compliance with the limits provided for by the laws in force, in particular Parte Three of the n. 152, 03 of April 2006.     

Surface Water

Surface water is present in ditches, streams, rivers, natural or artificial lakes, dams, lagoons and sea; the heterogeneity of surface water often needs the work of highly qualified technicians who can determine flow rate, stream speed, turbidity, EBI (Extended Biotic Index), water column and sediment properties in situ.
Several chemical/physical analyses can be performed in situ through multiparametric probes and other adequate instruments. 
Then, the samples brought to the lab for being tested through chemical and microbiological analyses are certified and the limits detected are compared with those provided for by D.P.R. n. 470 del 08/06/82 and smi.

If surface water quality class must be monitored, the tests are performed according to the attachments of D. Lgs. 152/99. The same Decree, together with D.M. 367 del 06/11/03 (Decree providing quality standards in aquatic environment), regulates also the quality characteristics that surface water bodies must have.

Ground water

Ground water, before being tested with chemical and microbiological analyses, is sampled by piezometers through which the different layer levels can be reached in depth, in order to check the possible percolation of pollutants from surface, according to the D.M. 471, 25/10/1999 and subsequent integrations and in compliance with the different regional/provincial procedures in force or according to the Part Four (Rules on waste management and contaminated land reclamation) and 03 aprile 2006 n. 152 for the determination of chemical and microbiological risks.

Swimming pool water

Tests on swimming pool water are performed according to the Standard UNI 10637:1997 that sets all the chemical and microbiological properties that it must have.

Moreover, tests according to the Agreement of 16/01/2003 are carried out (Agreement among the Department of Health, regions and the independent provinces of Trento and Bolzano on the hygienic conditions to be respected for the building, mainteinance and supervision of swimming pools).