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Waste analyses

Why performing a waste analysis?

A waste analysis allows:

  • a material to be characterized by determining its composition and, as a consequence, its value
  • the efficiency of a plant to be monitored, if performed on materials during input, processing and output phases    
  • the composition of fluxes to be determined even on a wide territorial scale, if part of a monitoring plan suitably developed.

Our Services

Thanks to the tests carried out by Management Consulting System and Waste Analysis Division of  Gruppo CSA S.p.A. the waste or material analysis can be performed.

Besides the waste analysis, our activity can:

  • study and anlysis of the activity according to the requirements set by the monitoring activity
  • planning and statistically relevant elaboration of the monitoring plan
  • menagement of planning
  • development through supplementary research (stratification)
  • data processing and conclusive report
  • data presentation and study

Analyses are always performed by means of:

  • definite methods, opporutnely validated
  • qualified instruments correctly used on the basis of their performances
  • qualified and expert technicians professionisti (training courses are periodically carried out)
  • materials and advanced instruments in terms of efficiency and productivity

Data Quality

Gruppo CSA S.p.A. has been carrying out waste analyses for over 13 years and it is the only Italian company applying an internal method accredited by ACCREDIA to determine the composition of solid waste

Our method is specifically applied to all stages of waste analysis, from the determination of waste composition to the carrying out of report.

Moreover, our work is guaranteed by a Quality Management System ISO 9001 certified

Thanks to our work system we supply reliable and verifiable data with their accuracy and uncertainty

Moreover, in order to meet the customer requirements, Gruppo CSA S.p.A. laboratory can perform chemical-physical research to integrate the waste analyses.

The quality and the uniqueness of our services are appreciated by our customers, as it can be proved by the waste analyses and monitoring plans that we have been carrying out for many years for the main Italian public and private bodies working in the environmental  field.