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Management Systems

Management Consulting System and Waste Analysis Division was born to support the technical services that make Gruppo CSA be known and esteemed in Italy, with consultings aimed not only at immediately solving problems and respecting pre-established parameters, but also at creating control and management systems to obtain a continuous improvement.

This approach, focused on management systems, allow companies to both fully comply with all reference standards and

  • improving and increasing the self-management and control levels
  • handling and gradually solving problems without any troubles
  • raising openness and warrantees toward customer

A reliable and proven effectiveness reached thanks to technicians with references whose experience is attested and verifiable, the large amount of companies where our consultants have worked efficiently, the heterogeneity of the sectors and the full assimilation and application of the subjects dealt in each company are the best guarantee for customers.

Moreover, the Management Consulting System and Waste Analysis Division can supply consultings about the application of management systems, such as the optimization of production processes, product valorization, compliance with technical directives, vocational training, etc. The aim is guiding the customer through a gradual support toward specific requirements in the frame of a common setting based on three indispensabile principles:

  • Compliance with reference standards or methods
  • Effectiveness of the implementations
  • Respect of the needs and peculiarities of each company

Our consulting is developed mainly according to:

  • Quality Management System Certification (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Management System Certificaton (ISO 14001-EMAS)
  • Safety at Work Management System Certification (OHSAS 18001)
  • Product Certification
  • Food Sector certification-acknowledgments (DOP-IGP,BRC-IFS)
  • Application of Good Practices (GLP-GMP)