Reserved area

Physical Analyses

  • Assessment of both the existing noise climate and noise impact produced by different emitting sources (road and railway infrastructures, yards, machineries, etc...), according to D.P.C.M 01/03/1991, Law n. 447 del 26/10/1995, D.P.C.M 14/11/1997, Decree 16/03/1998;
  • Assessment of the vibrations produced inside bulidings to detect the disturbance caused to residents (according to UNI 9614-1990) and the possible damages to the building (UNI 9916- 2004);
  • Electromagnetic field assessment produced by non-ionizing radiations (high and low frequency) according to D.P.C.M. 08/07/2003 and specific regional laws; Determination of building passive acoustic requirements according to D.P.C.M. 05/12/1997; Modelling through an acoustic simulation software and designing of acoustic reclamation works;