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Our services stand out thanks to our reliability, professionalism and experience. Our acheviement is also due to the many years' experience of our highly qualified consultants and technicians who can collaborate with customers by planning, developing and performing solutions aimed at meeting all their requirements.

The Company is divided into 4 specialized divisions so that targeted and customized services can be offered:

  • Industrial, Physical Hygiene, Safety Division and HACCP deals with the solutions of technical and legal problems about Safety and Work Environment Hygiene, Food Hygiene, physical analyses, legal advice, training and teaching.
  • Management Consulting Systems and Waste Analysis Division performs both consulting activities on Business Management Systems and waste analyses on flows and materials, in order to support the monitoring activities.
  • Technology and Environment plans and performs samplings and analyses on all environmental matrices. 
  • Consulting and Report is the newest Division that both develops all the activities necessary to obtain laboratory accreditations and writes technical examinations.