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Food hygiene

The "hygiene packet" is the set of EC rules regulating the food processing sector aimed at defining food safety objectives.

In particular, EC Regulation 852/2004, EC Regulation 853/2004 and their linked directives and rules and Reg. CE 178/2002 on Product Traceability guarantee that all food production, processing and distribution stages meet the hygiene requirements by setting and implementing procedures based on HACCP system.

HACCP System

HACCP – hazard analysis and critical control points – is a process control system to minimize food safety risks in the food processing industry.

By means of prevention and autocontrol by food operators this set of rules aims at  protecting consumers.

HACCP is mandatory in many Countries among which EC and USA. In 2007, the new administrative sanctioning system has come into force (D.L. 193/2007).

Our consulting service includes:

  • Audits inside the structure to analyze and check food supply, production, transport and marketing procedures, processing environments and equipments;
  • Preparation and drawing up of documents of an autocontrol plan about food hygiene. Guidance for implementing documental and bureaucratic obligations provided for by laws in force on food hygiene;
  • Guidance for detecting critical control points and check of applicable laws and regulations;
  • Guidance for product risk assessment and information about the prevention and/or management measures to be taken;
  • Guidance for both adopting food traceability procedures and managing recalls, when applicable;
  • Check on the compliance with the law in force (work environments, equipment) and guidance for possible adjustments;
  • Organization of staff training courses;
  • Carrying out of swaps on surfaces to check the effectiveness of both cleaning and  hygienization of work surfaces.