Reserved area

In situ sampling and analyses

The Production Unit "Technology and Environment" performs samplings and measurements of several matrices in different environments such as water, soil and waste (D.Lgs 152/06) in areas subject to reclamation (DM 471/99) and bathing water (D.Lgs 30/05/08).

In detail, we perform:

  • Ground water sampling
  • Static and dynamic samplings
  • Polluted site monitoring
  • Surface water sampling
  • In situ measurement
  • Terrestrial water sampling through selective samplers
  • Coastal-marine and transition environment samplings through dedicated instruments
  • Flow measurement
  • Run-off calculation with two and 3dimensional reports
  • Suspended solid transport measurement
  • Equalized industrial wastewater sampling
  • Soil sampling
  • Sediment sampling
  • Waste sampling according to UNI 10802:2004

Our company has a team of divers with ISSD-CMAS patent.