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Emissions into atmosphere

The Production Unit has gained a twenty-year experience  in sampling in small and large industrial plants. The most valuable characteristics of the Production Unit are: large number of accreditations test, application of the most recent national and international standards and methods on sampling and analyses, the most advanced equipment and highly-qualified staff.

At present, 12 Italian incinerators, 3 biomass energy plants and several large industrial plants are our customer for emission monitoring.

 Other services carried out by the Production Unit are:

  • Industrial plant monitoring
  • Large industrial plants such as incinerators, foundries, sugar refineries monitoring, etc.
  • Car industries monitoring
  • Petrochemical plants, oil refineries monitoring
  • Purifiers and Dumps monitoring
  • SME control (Dlgs 152 2006, UNI EN 14181 2005)
  • Diffuse emission detection and quantification
  • Gas survey installation and monitoring
  • Biogas sampling and analysis