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New biocoating for inhibition of corrosion in metal surfaces
EU Project within the bid ENV.2011.3.1.9-1 Eco-innovation

BIOCORIN project aims at developing a chemical free biocoating containing microorganisms actively working against corrosion and microbial changes (biofauling).


The objective is to contrasting corrosion and pollution produced by anticorrosion coatings thanks to a highly technological coating produced thanks to the support of biotechnology and chemistry.

This project brings several advantages on the environment.
Its importance can be understood by analyzing numbers:in the world, more than a thousand billion euros are spent every year.

Gruppo CSA S.p.A., as WP leader, has been charged with coordinating the research on eco-efficiency and eco-innovation of the product.

Leader: ACCIONA S.A. (Spain)
INBIOTEC (Spain), TUB FREIBERG (Germany), BIOPROSPERITY (Greece), STRESS S.c. a r.l. (Italy), GRUPPO C.S.A. S.p.A. (Italy), IFB (Slovenia), INGG. F.&R. Girardi Costruzioni civili e industriali S.p.A. (Italy), VLCI