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Plants and by-products

Chemical analyses and research:

  • Complete leaf analyses for determining the nutritional state of cultures are carried out, in particular to detect the lack of macro and microelements in fruit plants or the effect caused by acid rains on oak, poplar, beech, birche and conifers leaves.
  • Analyses by means of rapid-germination and growth seeds (Lepidium sativum, Lactuca sp. etc) are performed to determine the phytotoxic effect of soil and compost eluates on waste water, percolate, etc. 
  • In vitro and/or greenhouse tests are carried out to check the effectiveness of specific plants for bioreclamation from heavy metals in contaminated soils of disused industrial areas.
  • All kinds of biomasses (products, waste material and vegetable by-products) are characterized to detect their energy valorization (calorific value) and the environmental impact of both fumes and combustion ashes they produce.
  • Analyses for studying monitoring plans of environmental contamination due to bioaccumulation on sensitive vegetables such as seaweeds and lichens are performed.
  • Intermediate and final compounds of biotechnological processes for trasforming vegetable tissues with bacteria (fermentation) for industrial use. Si analizzano i composti intermedi e finali dei processi biotecnologici per la trasformazione di tessuti vegetali con batteri (fermentazioni) per impieghi industriali.