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Lab chemical analyses of "Immission" samples

  • Search and quantification of free crystalline silica and asbestos in aerodisperse powders after the sampling through apposite filters coming from emissions produced by specific hazardous activities;
  • Search and quantification of toxic and odorous volatile organic contaminants collected next to industrial or waste treatment areas;
  • Search and quantification of Fall-out collected through “depo-Bulk” or bioaccumulators (such as lichens) in order to check the overall air quality in the areas next to large thermoelectric or waste treatment and incineration;
  • Search and quantification of diffuse immission to atmosphere sampled through a mobile lab placed next to landfills, industrial areas and urban centres.

Lab chemical analyses of "Emission" samples

  • Search and quantification of contaminants sampled from penstocks of large plants, icinerators, chimneys of industrial and manufacturing plants;
  • Search and quantification of aerodispersed contaminants sampled from diffuse emissions (ex. landfills and composting plants) through static and dynamic capture chambers.

Microbiological analyses of air samples

  • Ckech of microbiological contamination of air sampled on adequate stands both outside and in work environments, such as food industries or waste treatment plants.

As regards emissions and air quality, please go to "External Analyisis Division"