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Chemical and microbiological analyses on all environmental matrices


Food Hygiene (HACCP), Safety, Phisycal Analyses, Waste Analyses, Quality Management Systems, emissions in atmosphere and air quality, laboratory accreditation and legal examinations.

Research and Development:

Sustainability, environmental impact assessment, planning and development of new analytical methods and innovative instrumental solutions.


Feb 25

Conference on publication entitled: extra virgin olive oil in the Province of Rimini

Structures, extraction technologies, olive oil and olive processing by-product types. Today, Monday 25th February, at RIMINI HORECA EXPO 2013 (section Oro Giallo) – Rimini...   Read more

Feb 19

Identification of horse meat in beef based food

The identification technique is obtained by the DNA analysis of the animal species involved (PCR), therefore the results obtained are reliable both on a quality level and...   Read more

Jan 10

Dioxin contamination risk in food

In order to support food industries that can be concerned in the present dioxin problem, Gruppo CSA laboratory performs accredited tests by ACCREDIA on food to check the possible...   Read more

Jun 24

Law Decree, 6th May, 2010

Gruppo CSA is on the "List of laboratories qualified to carry out product compliance tests, according to item 1 of the Law Decree, 29th April, 2006, n. 217. «Review of...   Read more